being in the present moment







and moving forward in a positive way

Being in the present moment allows you to slow down to embrace all that is happening in the here and now and to connect you with calm, clarity and inner peace. More and more research is showing the many health benefits to creating a mindful lifestyle through informal and formal practice. Some of these amazing health benefits are lowered blood pressure and hypertension, relief from stress, depression and anxiety, decreased cholesterol levels, reduced production of "stress hormones" including cortisol and adrenaline, increased gray matter in the hippocampus, a brain area important for memory and learning, increased production of anti-aging hormone DHEA, improved immune function and more restful sleep. In addition, you may find slowing down for self care can help have more clarity to make healthy choices, embrace a better mood, positive thinking and an uplifting attitude which leads to increased productivity at work and more harmony in all of your relationships.

As you build your mindful practice, you will find that your daily life is infused with more loving kindness and compassion will find its way into your thoughts, actions and responses as you pay attention with purpose in all areas of your life.

Our minds are such  powerful tools. Once we are aware of exactly where we are in our lives we can focus on where we want to go. Hypnosis, visualization and positive thinking tools can help you make the positive changes in your life that you have always wanted to make but just haven't made yet. Is there something that has been getting in the way of you achieving your goals? Perhaps something in your sub-conscious mind that you may or may not be aware of.  By holding yourself in a vessel of loving kindness- something that you truly deserve- you can achieve all the personal and professional goals that you desire. 

Embracing the present  is the best gift you could ever give yourself.  Like any new skill you want to possess, it just takes the openness and willingness to allow your curiosity to explore the possibilities. And with small steps, you're off and running in no time.

So, why not seize the moment and begin JUST BEING - the woman, man, parent, daughter, son, student, employee,  friend or simply the

human being

you always wanted to be?

It's as simple as taking a gentle breath.

Come breathe with'll be glad you did!



Please Keep Checking Back as Good Things are Always Happening