Why Being HIP Should Be Your Goal for 2018

What does being HIP mean to you? Do you eat at the newest restaurants that have a 6 month + wait? Do you wear the coolest brands that were donned at fashion week in NYC? Or do you hang out at the hottest of hot spots in town? Well, to me, being HIP is even cooler than ALL of those things.

Being HIP, is being Here In the Present, and trust me, there’s

 n-o-t-h-i-n-g cooler than that! Here’s why:

1.   Being HIP (Here in the Present) grounds you to see things in your world exactly the way they are right now- not floating in the ghosts of the past, or catapulting into the “what ifs” of the future. You can trust in the present moment to be exactly what it was meant to be while letting go of any regrets or expectations. Give your body a break from all those extra worries and stress. How freeing is that?


2.   Being HIP (Here In the Present) can help you slow down in this fast paced life of “more is better” so that you can connect with being grateful and appreciative of what you already have.

We are living in a world where the grass isn’t greener on the other side. The grass is greener right where we are because we have the ability to take the time to fully acknowledge and appreciate the greenness right in front of us.


Whether you are taking a walk down Main Street, eating a juicy and crisp apple, or listening to a moving piece of music, your focus is dialed into truly savoring every tidbit of amazingness of whatever you are doing in the moment! And you don’t have to go very far. In fact, all you have to do is, turn up your willingness and curiosity and let it flow. Maybe you will find happiness in simply being able to walk, or that you find satisfaction in knowing that your fresh apple is nourishing your body, or perhaps being in awe of the emotions that surface from the sounds of talented musicians.


3.   Being HIP (Here In the Present) can help you understand who you truly are so you can acknowledge your feelings and accept them with open arms. Whether the giddiness of happiness or joy or the horns of jealousy and anger show up, it’s all good! Wherever you are on your journey, whoever you are, is who you are here in the present. We’re all human fully capable of any one of the many emotions. By holding yourself in a vessel of compassion and acceptance, you can allow that amazing growth to take place in the right direction rather than getting stuck in frustration or negativity. Instead of putting yourself down and feeling bad the next time you find yourself feeling a little jealous or resentful towards someone, tell yourself “It’s ok to have these feelings right now.” Wow, what would that feel like? Pressure begins to immediately be released. From there, you have the platform to explore these emotions more deeply and to understand and work through them.

Being aware is one of the first steps on any journey of self-exploration. When you are aware with all of your senses- to what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell, you ground yourself to what you are experiencing in the here and now- nowhere else. And when we tune in to one sense at a time, the sensations are even more heightened.

So, as you take some time to think about what goals you have for 2018, put BEING HIP (Here in the Present) at the top of your list. It will make achieving all the other goals on your list that much easier and sweeter.


For today, I am open to being HIP, Here in the Present.

- Jo, the Mindful HIPpy