“c h e e r s”


Getting In Touch With a Better Part of Myself

“I have long known and heard the phrase ‘stop and smell the roses’ and to me that was mindfulness. Being an optimistic person, I thought I had always been doing that. But my thoughts also included a lot of regrets about the past and worries about the future.

But under your direction I have learned that mindfulness is both a study and a practice which leads to a much deeper and more meaningful enjoyment of life- moment by moment. I am so much happier now and feel a true sense of appreciation for everything and everyone around me.

The dulcet tone of your voice along with a gentle, dignified and sincere manner in guiding the mindful living group make me look forward to each session and to the growth and depth of mind and body you are helping me to achieve. I am learning to live in appreciation not anticipation. A whole new world of experiences has opened up to me and you have put me in touch with a better part of myself. I am so grateful.”

Trust + Loving Spirit

“WOW I have had the amazing pleasure of having mindfulness and hypnosis with Jo for over two years. In February 2017 I was 2 days away from not being here. I had never been sick a day in my life. I had APL Leukemia. By the grace of God 38 days in the hospital and 9 months of intense chemo, pills, and the best oncologist in LA and fabulous nurses, I am happy to say I am in total remission.

Part of that intense journey was made so much easier by the meetings I was blessed to have with Jo. Her kind and warm manner and the feeling that I could trust her in any situation was what I needed. As we all know, it is The BODY, MIND and Soul. My doctor said that the process after CANCER is the hardest. I wish I could see Jo once a week. Her mindfulness and hypnotherapy and deep relaxation calms the soul and even if sometimes I do not think I go deeply I am always relaxed afterwards.

I am a singer and my creative soul needs to be fed by her loving spirit. I never understood the idea of hypnotherapy. I had not met JO. We talk and her loving advise can soothe THE BODY, MIND and SOUL for my future. I want to give back in a very powerful way and she is like a mama bear with positive comments. Thank you for being in my life, Jo! Many blessings!”


"By  the way, I'm happy to report that I have had six out of seven good nights last week!!! Thanks for everything you've done to help!!!"


Sports Anxiety

"I write to thank and acknowledge the skills and compassion of Jo Pessin, CHt. Jo helped me with a confidence problem relating to my golfing ability. It may seem an unimportant thing- but golf is a very important part of my recovery from throat cancer. In fact, after only two sessions with Jo, I scored a hole-in-one on the final hole of my local golf course. Later that same day, I entered  putting contest against 60 others and won!"

Calm and Balance

"Jo is an amazingly sweet, compassionate and insightful therapist. I enjoy our conversations very much and she always has great advice and insight on what's going on in my life and suggestions on how to achieve more calm and balance. I especially like the (hypnosis) part at the end because the imagery part is very powerful and positive and invigorates me after I leave the session."

Test Taking Anxiety


"My name is Jonathan Cohen a fifty year old man who had a lot of anxiety about passing a math test. My story is as follows:

I worked in TV news for 22 years in 6 markets on 7 stations. I was by nature a cynic. I had to see something to believe in it.

After TV I tried Real Estate for 3 years. Not for me. So I decided to become a substitute teacher. Noble cause, contributing to the youth of our country. Well no one told me about the CBest ( California Basic Educational Skills Test). As English is my first language, passing the essay and comprehension portions of the test were no problem. The math portion? Problem. I had not taken a serious math class since 1980. Even with a wonderful tutor I failed that test 5 times. 5. Feeling desperate I asked a friend about hypnosis. She highly recommended it and Jo Pessin. Well I decided to put my cynical nature out for the day. I was welcomed into a calming office by a pleasant positive woman with a soothing comforting voice. After explaining to Jo what my issue was in a pre session phone chat, she came to our session well versed in the CBest so she could see what I was facing. That alone told me what a professional Jo was. The fact that she wanted to help me, by seeing what I was up against, so she could see for herself was a great feeling of someone who really cares. After speaking with her after just one session I felt relaxed and confident.

The breathing technique also worked during a tooth removal before the test date, effectively lowering my blood pressure to allow them to administer sedation.

Using the techniques at home, meditating, self hypnosis and being aware, became a habit.  I needed a minimum of 37 to pass the math test. I scored a 49 breathing slowly during the entire test. After my wife and mother-in-law, Jo was the first person I called to share my success that I am sure she is responsible for. Her reaction of genuine joy made me feel great.

In closing, I can't recommend JO PESSIN more highly. She turned this East Coast closed-minded cynic into a 'Valley living, meditating, trying-to become-more-aware' believer. "

Update after 1 year of teaching:

"Just wanted to say hi. I got 130 out of 180 possible days subbing last year largely thanks to you!.... loving teaching every day.  I tell my story about your help often. You are a special person who I will never forget. Thanks Jo!!"


Visualization + Positive Thinking


"It's a crazy world we live in. The mind can easily go from one tragedy to the next with little sense of hope and the feeling of no where to turn. I have felt that way many times throughout my life. When I was diagnosed with cancer I knew things had to change. That was not the life I imagined for myself. Soon after, I found weSPARK and YOU. You showed me that through imagining positive outcomes, anything can happen. We all have doubts, but if you imagine there aren't any, and that you can do whatever your heart imagined, just by focusing on the positives, by tasting, smelling, and feeling, positive things will manifest in your life.

I now have many support systems, including YOU. I have my work which is a constant source of pride. I have a home and loving family. Oh yeah, and I am cancer free! No doubt in part to the work we have done, imagining positive outcomes and talking to a very understanding healer.

Thank you, Jo!"


Physical and Emotional Pain Management


"I am grateful that I met you and was able to experience your healing energy. Your class comes from your heart and soul and helps me to find a calm, peaceful place inside of me when I am in emotional and physical pain. Your manner of conducting the class is gentle, yet strong. It helps me to be right in the moment and to appreciate small things. My feet are not burning. My mind is quiet and not restless. You share your gift of healing with compassion."


Growth, Change, + Better Understanding of Myself

“I’ve been seeing Jo for three years at weSpark Cancer Support in Sherman Oaks and during this time, a skeptic became a true believer.
Not only does mindfulness work, it has transformed me into a person I really like.

First of all, Jo is the most patient, supportive and insightful person I know. She gently guides you into becoming the best person you can be, leaving behind all the angst and negativity you’ve been hauling around for years. Secondly, through hypnotherapy, she reinforces all the positive things you’re working on so you can draw upon them and use them in your daily life. She teaches you to become aware of your tension and to gently release it. Although I’ve never fallen asleep during one of our hypnotherapy sessions as one of my friends has, I’ve come away greatly relaxed and invigorated.

Thirdly, and most importantly, she has validated my growth, change and understanding of myself.
Living with Multiple Myelona, a cancer of the blood plasma and immune system, can be a difficult journey. It a cancer that is treatable but not curable at the moment. To put it in perspective, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. From the beginning of my diagnosis in June 2015, having transitioned from a diagnosis of MGUS in December of 2015 (monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined specification) a mouthful to be sure,  I’ve made it my goal to learn as much about my cancer, join support groups, and avail myself of all the therapies afforded by weSpark. To this end, I am eternally grateful to all who have supported me -but in particular to Jo, who has reinforced my belief in myself and as given me the tools  to continue my journey.

Knowing Jo has been one of the bright spots in my life. I’m certain she’ll be the same for you.”


Calm + Perspective Through Meditation

"It's hard for me to believe I've been seeing Jo for 5 years, once every month or two. She's helped me through living with cancer, the year long care giving and subsequent death of my partner of 30 years, really my husband, and other family and personal issues. Her compassionate approach to hypnotherapy and visualization have been crucial to my sense of well-being. 

I have found a way to think about things differently and to meditate to gain a sense of calm and perspective. Jo is very intuitive, and it's such a comfort to talk with someone who gets me. I feel a partnership with her as someone who has been on the road with me. 

Thanks Jo."


Stress Relief


"After I went to a UCLA Mindfulness event during finals week with Jo, I felt incredibly relieved. Most of the tension I had felt in my body and constant thoughts felt stilled and at ease. I honestly felt so amazing. During finals week was when I was at the peak of my stress; Jo used simple every day techniques to really allow me to focus on the smaller details of life and lessened my stress. I learned that mindfulness and meditation takes time and practice, and that it isn't always perfect. The key is to continue and to not expect things to happen, and just let things be...I really want to continue using meditation and mindfulness as a part of my life.

Jo, I thought your session was great! I loved how you showed us that you can practice mindfulness anywhere and at any time!"

Thoughtful Living Workshops

The highlights of this workshop were working on the arts and crafts and learning about what you can do with them. Also, I loved how we thought of images while laying down and letting our bodies relax. I think that I could improve on not stressing out about projects from school. I did find the information useful because now when I am stressed out at school, homework, or problems, I know how to calm down and feel less panicked. I thought Jo Pessin was very interesting and i loved how she explained everything. Now I can use these tools in every day life.”
— 12 year old TL Workshop Participant
It was great for the kids, especially my child. (Regarding Jo Pessin) Sweet, sweet and patient with the girls. Very attentive to their questions and responses.”
— Parent of 10 year old TL Workshop Participant
You are terrific! Can’t wait to bring my daughter to you! Helped so much in one meeting! Lost fear of failure fast!”
— 74 year old TL Workshop Participant

Jo was such a wonderful, warm-hearted guest at our Support Group. We look forward to having her at our Support group and main office (to work with our staff) in the near future and I will be definitely incorporating the info learned from this presentation in my daily life.
— SFV Multiple Myeloma Support Group Leader
A lot of good information in a short time. Good presenter- knowledgeable!!
— Grandparent of 9 year old TL Workshop Participant