Do you find yourself going to events and recognizing people’s faces but can’t remember their name for the life of you?

Do you get to the supermarket and leave without the most important thing you needed?

Do you find yourself not retaining information perhaps because your mind is busy thinking about other things unrelated?

Making BRAIN HEALTH a priority is a NO Brainer!

These situations can be getting in the way of you not only achieving the things that you desire in life, but also a sign that this program is just for you.

Did you know?

. . . that your brain needs a regular daily healthy exercise routine just as your physical body does?

. . . that effects of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) on a brain can begin even 20 years before symptoms may become visible?

. . . that YOU can do something right now no matter how old you are to improve your memory and longevity?

All of these are absolutely true. You have the power to make healthy transformations in your brain.

This interactive educational program provides participants with lifestyle strategies and tools to keep their brains vital and healthy.

Created by Dr. Gary Small, Director of the UCLA Longevity Center and Dr. Karen Miller, Program Director, Brain Boot Camp consists of a three-hour session that is designed for people who want to improve and maintain their memory abilities.

As a partner of the UCLA Longevity Center and trained directly by Neuropsychologist, BBC creator and UCLA professor Dr. Karen Miller, J O P E S S I N offers this very important scientifically proven program in a variety of settings so you can find the optimal and most comfortable learning environment just for you, your loved ones, friends, neighbors and community through:

1. one-on-one sessions

2. small groups of 3-4 people

3. larger group workshops of 5+ participants.


Created by UCLA doctors, this research based program is scientifically proven to help you live better, longer.

Created by UCLA doctors, this research based program is scientifically proven to help you live better, longer.

Program At-A-Glance

Overview of Topics:

  • How memory works

  • Physical health and memory

  • Ways to boost memory performance

  • Impact of nutrition and exercise on cognition

Learn Basic Strategies For Improving:

  • Concentration and attention

  • How Mindfulness helps improve awareness and focus

  • Memory for events, to-do lists, errands, appointments, faces and names

  • Word-finding

  • How Visualization, Creativity and Imagination play a fun and healthy part in enhancing your memory

Learn Advanced Methods to:

  • Increase memory capacity

  • Remember multiple people you meet

  • Apply memory strategies to everyday memory challenges

  • Develop good memory habits

If you have any questions about whether this program is for you, someone you care very much about or a community you are in (ie. group of friends, mom’s club, senior center, school, workplace) OR if you are ready to make a life changing step in making your brain health a priority, please feel free to contact

JO PESSIN directly at (818) 612-5322 to discuss it more personally.